1 year PGPX and PGPEX programs at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta

One of the best things to have happened to management education in India is the introduction and fast adaptation of the one year MBA / PGP programs. ISB, Hyderabad was amongst the pioneers to launch the one year program.

Subsequently, the two big daddies of Indian Management education - IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta started their own versions of 1 year MBA programs in 2006. The profile of the first batch of students at both the IIMs will be amongst the best in the world. Be it average GMAT scores (700 to 711), or average years of experience (9 + years at both the IIMs) or the sheer diversity of the industries the participants of the programs come from.

Both the IIMs promise International Immersion (the equivalent of internship) for all participants. 60 in IIM A for the first batch and 40 in IIM C for the first batch.

I met one of our (Ascent Education) students who completed his 2 year PGP program from IIM C in Feb 2007 and has offers from the elite Consults and asked him about the PGPEX program. The feedback was very good. Top recruiters including consults have evinced interest in participating in the final placements of the PGPEX program too.

For all those who have worked for quite a while (7+ years), these two programs will be one of the best bet in terms of
1. quality of education
2. value for money proposition (IIM A has increased its fees to Rs.14 lakhs, though IIM C has it still at Rs.8 lakhs. even at 14 lakhs it is quite attractive)
3. the quality of placements and the ability to reach top management posts fast.

Obviously, with all these on offer, it is not going to be an easy nut to crack. With concerted effort for 4 to 5 months one should be able to get a 700 score in the GMAT. Good undergraduate record and professional experience should add to making one's application attractive.

Gun for the IIM's Executive MBA programs. Best wishes

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