New score preview feature to improve the GMAT test taking experience

Please find below the text of the announcement from GMAT about changes that will be effective tomorrow.
GMAC is happy to announce a new feature to the GMAT® exam that will benefit test takers. Effective June 27, 2014, all test takers will now be able to view their unofficial GMAT scores prior to making a decision to accept or cancel them, giving them more certainty and control of how their application and GMAT scores are received by schools.
Here’s how it works:
·         If a test taker accepts their scores, the official report will be sent to the schools they selected.
·         If a test taker cancels their scores, the test attempt will appear on future score reports with a code of “C” (self-canceled), unless the test taker reinstates the scores within 60 days.
In addition, if a test taker decides to cancel their scores at the test center, they will have the option to reinstate their scores within 60 days from the date of their exam for a fee of USD$100. Detailed instructions and rules for about this change are available on page 13 of the GMAT Handbook.
What does it mean?
Till June 26, 2014 a test taker was given the option to accept the score or cancel it as soon as he / she completed the last section of the GMAT – without having any knowledge about how well he / she did in the test. In quite a few cases, test takers who felt that they had not fared well in the test tended to cancel the test score for fear of having a poor score appear in their GMAT score report for the next 5 years. Those test takers who canceled their scores may have actually fared a lot better than how they felt about the test. So, till June 26, 2014 a test taker had to accept or cancel the test based on the blind judgment that he or she made about the test performance.
This change is a welcome change. Two major benefits
1. This gives you the opportunity to know how well you have done before deciding to accept or cancel the score. 
2. And it also comes with an added option to reinstate the score should you change your mind at a later date.

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