2011 Jan intake : Some good B Schools

Programs starting in January (2011 intake)

A vast majority of the applicants target the fall intake (September); this takes the focus off the programs that have a January start. INSEAD is one of the top programs that has an intake twice a year – in September and in January. The January intake has a unique advantage – the possibility of interning with a company for two months during the summer break. This is an invaluable opportunity for career switchers and the respite from the 10-month rigorous academics is always a welcome.

European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) offers a 12 month MBA program in Germany, starting in Jan of every year. The program has corporate support from twenty five “founding” companies (such as Siemens, SAP, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey to name a few).The class size is restricted to two digit numbers (the class of 2011 will have 40 participants) and about half the participants get placed with these founding companies.

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) offers a similar MBA program in the Netherlands. The school has a tie-up with ING to offer loans of up to Euro 44,000 for students irrespective of their nationality. Two of the top Portuguese universities – Católica and Nova have collaborated with the MIT to offer a full-time MBA program in Lisbon. A unique feature of the program is that every student has the opportunity to spend the summer in MIT, Sloan School of Management.

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