Right time to catch 2008 deadlines of Asian and European B Schools

R1 deadlines for some US B Schools for Fall 2008 admissions are already over as we are in the first week of November.

R2 deadlines for all US B schools will fall between the first week of January 2008 and the first or second week of Feb 2008. If you plan to catch Round 2 deadlines and have already taken your GMAT then, it still is comfortably possible. However, if you are yet to even start your GMAT Preparation, then it might be a little too late to catch R2 deadlines for Fall 2008 admissions of US Business schools.

However, you still have adequate time if you are planning to catch European and Asian business schools. Most of these schools have their application deadlines between March and June of 2008. So, if you are yet to even commence your GMAT preparation you still should be able to catch these deadlines and be able to start your B School education in the academic year 2008 itself.

Here is a list of some of the top European Business Schools
1. IMD Switzerland
2. INSEAD, France and Singapore
3. Judge Business School
4. Warwick
5. Rotterdam
6. SDA, Bocconi

And a list of some of the top Asian Business Schools
1. National University of Singapore, Singapore
2. NangYang Technical University, Singapore
3. Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines
4. City University of Hong Kong
5. International University of Japan

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